Anatomy of a New Badge Project

100 Years of Coconuts Chairperson Andy Fox has long campaigned for a change to our current badge. Here he puts across what he'd like to see on our shirts going forward. BACKGROUND I don’t genuinely remember the first time I thought the CUFC badge needed changing. The trigger no doubt was rediscovering, for want of... Continue Reading →

Get The Badge In

In Paul Barry's recent end-of-season message to fans he mentioned the possibility of a consultation about changing the club badge. Since we started wearing the current badge in 1986 it's long divided fans, some loving it's simplicity and unique style, others claiming it looks like a toilet seat or piece of clip art. Personally, I... Continue Reading →

Retained List 2023: Departing Heroes

It's always a bittersweet day as the retained list is announced, with some favourite faces saying goodbye to the Abbey. @vinylperez takes a look at who's staying and who's going over the summer. We already know the following players will be turning out in Amber & Black next season as they're already under contract: Will... Continue Reading →

Farewell Greg

Some sad, but not entirely unexpected news out of the club yesterday was that long-serving defender and club captain Greg Taylor would be leaving the U's. Having joined in 2013 from Luton, Greg was an integral part of our Conference promotion squad, initially at left back, before moving across to the right for a bit... Continue Reading →

UTAS Book Review: A Big Emotion

The latest edition of the late Andrew Bennett's detailed history of the Club is now available from publishers 100 Years of Coconuts. Covering the period between 1992-2005 it sees United dispose with, and then re-hire John Beck, fall from the first to the third division, rise back up to the second, before plummeting out of... Continue Reading →

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