It’s been a busy summer. Loads of football happened in somewhere called Russia, and we started to forget all about Brad Halliday, bobble hats and Crewe away on a Tuesday night.

But then it stopped, and what we’ve done to celebrate the start of a new season is write a lovely fanzine. We reckon this is the first fanzine Cambridge United has had for around ten years, so there is a lot of expectation to live up to if you’re to provide a genuine independent voice for the U’s.

It’s got Matt Ramsay telling us about Joe Dunne, Matthew Gooding harking back to his brief encounter with Lionel Perez, Matt Caspell recounting the production of his own United fanzine, and an enormous (probably wrong) season preview by the UTAS team.

Head over to our Shop page to purchase one with delivery in time for Friday the 3rd, so you can bring it to Vale with you and enjoy it while sipping cans.

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