The football’s rubbish, the U’s are rubbish, etc. To take our mind off the dross on the pitch, and fresh off commandeering the UTAS Christmas quiz (in which Jordan and Jack found themselves *firmly* on the losing side), resident quizmaster Lewis Jones is here to provide us with the first of a regular fortnightly quiz to test your footballing knowledge.

The answers to the first 6 questions are all linked by a theme, and the answer to the 7th completes the set. For a bonus point, identify the theme.

  1. Which Premier League player has this career path? Bimingham City (2010-2013), Norwich City (2013-2016), Southampton (2016-Present)
  2. Naranjita, the mascot of World Cup ’82, was a what?
  3. As well as the most appearances, Gareth Barry also holds which other Premier League record?
  4. As well as Kepa Arrizabalaga, which other first team goalkeeper did Chelsea sign in the summer of 2018?
  5. What is the nickname of the Japanese men’s national football team?
  6. Who is Manchester United’s 5th highest scorer of all time, joint with George Best on 179 goals? (His daughter was the British number one tennis player in the mid-90s).
  7. What is missing?

BONUS: What is the theme?







  1. Nathan REDmond
  2. An ORANGE
  3. Most YELLOW cards
  4. Robert GREEN
  5. Samurai BLUE
  6. Dennis VIOLETt

BONUS: The colours of the rainbow.

Tweet @abbeystandpod with your score, the winner will get absolutely nothing. See you all in two weeks.

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