New Episode: Digging Digby and Mulling Mullins

There’s a new episode of the UTAS podcast online for your listening pleasure.

Regular contributors Jack Swindlehurst, Tom Walker and Jordan Worland are joined by a new signing to the UTAS team: Owen Kiernan, who’s been updating this lovely website, and special guest Thom Dobbin to discuss everything that’s been happing at the Abbey during this strange post-season.

Amongst the topics of discussion are a potential start to the new season in September, new signings, new shirts and whether the EFL will ever make up their mind on who they’re going to relegate this year. Disclaimer: this episode was recorded before we signed Wes Hoolahan.

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2 thoughts on “New Episode: Digging Digby and Mulling Mullins

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  1. Hi UTAS, Hope all’s well at UTAS Towers and you’re as full of optimism for the season ahead as me but with the weary caution of knowing that it’s the hope that kills you! I’m a massive United fan and also a great fan of UTAS. I’ve also written a few bits for CFU before but would be up for contributing to UTAS if you’d be interested in hearing some views from the Happy Habbin? Look forward to hearing from you. You’re United in Endeavour,Alex PS Your discussions about kits referred to stripes and sashes but not hoops, however how would you feel about United playing in them?!

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