West Ham U23 3-2 U’s

United’s pre-season continued with a test against West Ham’s under 23 side.

Bonner’s team in the first half was pretty close to how we expect he’ll line up in the League, with a couple of changes, and it looks as if Knibbs and Mullin will lead the line this season.

Davies vs WHU PSF

The addition of a triallist keeper seems to indicate there’s still some fighting to be done between Mitov and Burton and potentially another face for the number 1 position. It looked earlier in the week that Mark Bunn had been allocated the number 13 shirt, although this hasn’t been confirmed by the club, he could also be a contender to start in goal.

Goals came from Liam O’Neil and Tom Knowles, whilst Paul Mullin missed a first half penalty. United led until the last 30 minutes (of a two hour game) when West Ham scored twice to win the match. Ironside, Knibbs, Hoolahan and Hannant all had good chances to score, whilst Mitov made some great saves.

Knowles vs WHU PSF 2

It’s still too early to tell much from these games, but it’s good to see the younger players continue to get a run out, and for United to register goals against Premier League academy opposition. The goalkeeper spot still seems to be up for grabs, and we’re not sure if Mitov or Burton can claim a stake to it right now.

United First Half: Burton, Knoyle, Taylor, Dickens, Dunk, Knowles, Simper, O’Neil (Worman), Hoolahan, Mullin, Knibbs

United Second Half: Mitov (Trialist), Davies, Beckett, Darling, Iredale, Hannant, Digby, Worman (Battersby), Neal, Ironside, Dallas

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