U’s vs Carlisle Behind Closed Doors: Shit Government, No Fans

News just in that the second planned test event vs Carlisle on Saturday will now be held behind closed doors. Despite the exemplary behaviour of U’s fans on Tuesday against Fulham, our Government decided (seemingly without any consultation with United who’d just issued 1600 tickets for the game) to limit attendance to 1000.

This obviously put those who’ve worked so hard to get these events on in a really difficult spot, and not being able to risk 600 fans with tickets for an event they can no longer attend turning up on Saturday the safest option has been to cancel the test event.

We’re obviously gutted, and the club are too, if there’s any small positive to come from this it’s the fact that it’s yet another disastrous decision from a dreadful Prime Minister that will hopefully lead to the Conservative party being kicked to the hills come the next General Election.

Our thanks goes to all at the club who had worked tirelessly to enable the Abbey to be chosen to host these events, the conduct of our club during the Coronavirus lockdown has been exemplary off the pitch, with staff, players and the manager updating fans regularly, phoning lonely elderly fans and delivering support to local residents in need. One thing Boris Johnson and his band of crooked men can never take from us is the spirit of our great club and its work in the community.

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