The A-Z of Cambridge United: F-J

F: Floodlights

Look at ours, aren’t they magnificent? Reputedly the highest freestanding floodlights in the country, they deserve listed building status. Don’t fancy having to change the bulbs though.

G: Gary Harwood

UTAS Lawyers have restricted what we can say here. Chairman at the time we sold the ground to fellow board member John H*ward for an unbelievably cheap price. That’s enough.

H: Habbin

Rustic terrace down one side of the Abbey pitch. Home to some of the more pessimistic contingent of U’s fans. Also home to UTAS’ very own Mr Positivity Jordan Worland.

I: Ian Darler

U’s groundsman extraordinaire. If the pitch is under three feet of water at 2:45, you can count on Ian to get the game on for 3:00

J: Josh Coulson

U’s legend and scorer of our first goal in our second stint in the Football League, Super Josh was as committed as they come and was disgracefully pushed out of the club by Shaun Derry, the bastard.

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