The A-Z of Cambridge United: K-O

K: Kitson, Dave

Ginger haired goalscorer during the early 00’s, Kitson burst on to the scene fresh from stacking shelves at Sainsbury’s. Sold to Reading for a frankly astonishing £150,000 plus a decent sell-on clause, the U’s board decided to waive their right to 20% of Dave’s next transfer fee for £20,000 the night before he made a £5,000,000 move to Stoke. Lately seen running for PFA Chairman and engaging in some frankly terrible, questionable “banter” on Instagram.

L: Luke Chadwick

How many players give up playing in the Football League to drop and play for their boyhood club in the Conference? How many of those have played in the Champions League and won the Premier League? How many of those have said that scoring at the Newmarket Road End was the highlight of their football career? Just Luke Chadwick. Legendary doesn’t being to cover it.

M: Moose

The story goes: A fan turned up on the terraces at an away game straight from a long flight, warning his mates not to stand near him as he ‘smelt like a moose’. We’re not sure how true that is, but it’s stuck, and our mascot Marvin is one of the best in the country.

N: No Hot Water

Tactic favoured by the great John Beck during the early 90’s Golden Era, where we aimed to make visiting teams as uncomfortable as possible during their visits to the Abbey. This included a lack of hot water for teas and showers, moving the away dugout to inline with the penalty area and sanding the centre of the pitch to suit United’s wide and direct style of play.

O: Oné, Armand

Giant French striker who powered United through to the LDV Final in Cardiff. Linked with Arsenal during his time here (pretty much only on account on him being young, and French), Oné ended up moving to Wrexham before touring the lower divisions of Scottish Football. Also lent his name to a special issue of former U’s fanzine One Wonky Antler – Oné Wonky Antler.

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