U’s 1-1 Barrow: Same As It Ever Was

Well, that was a kick in the teeth wasn’t it? I’m still feeling gutted even as I write this on Monday. Maybe we’ve been spoilt this season, because that was typical United, and yet I’ve not felt this way for a long time.

Say what you want about difficult conditions or resolute opponents or players coming back from injury. That was a game we should have won. No disrespect to Barrow, they worked hard for their point but if you’re really going to put your marker down as promotion contenders you MUST win games like that.

So, the negatives:

We didn’t kill Barrow off: Simple really. At 1-0 up that should have opened the floodgates to another goal or two to finish the game. We came close, but that killer moment didn’t materialise.

Tactics: I can see why Bonner put on Cundy for the last few minutes, to throw everyone back to defend the lead. But doing this just opens you up, it invites the team to throw everything they’ve got at you and Barrow did exactly that.

Idris El Mizouni: Alright, he’s coming back from injury, and yesterday was one of his better games, but he’s looked a shadow of the player who impressed us so much last season. Maybe that’s because we’re better now, who knows? We need to see more from him, and fast otherwise why not give Tom Knowles or one of our own players a chance?

That goal: Just f**king concentrate lads. Right to the end.

We’re second: But we could have been top, a huge psychological advantage to sit top of the table

The positives:

The Digger: Back from injury and straight back into the thick of the action.

Mullin/Hannant/Iredale: Not as badly injured as we were lead to believe, we’re almost back to having a full strength team.

Joey Ironside: Four goals in his last four outings and looking like having a really good partnership with Paul Mullin.

We’re second: And that means automatic promotion. We’re comfortably the divisions (and countries) top scorers, and have the best defence too.

Anyway, we should have won, we didn’t and it feels like a loss. I’m pissed off, Bonner’s pissed off and the players should be pissed off too. We’ve got Southend up next, who despite winning on Saturday, are absolutely fucking dreadful. Let’s move on and get back to winning ways.

Man of the Match: A few contenders, Mullin making himself a nuisance all game despite not getting on the scoresheet, Ironside with another goal, but we’ll go with Harry Darling for a couple of crucial interceptions in defence.

Soundtrack of the Match:

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