All Change At CFU

CFU – Cambridge Fans United have undergone a few changes recently, with the appointment of Andrew Stephen as new Chairman, and Ben Phillips (who many of you will know as part of the club’s match day media team, as well as having one of the best United shirt collections around) as Vice-Chair. Whilst CFU have, by their own admission, been a little quiet recently, they hope to change that and return to being a passionate voice for U’s fans whilst improving the club with the support of the board of directors.

For almost all its life Cambridge Fans United supporters trust have been seen as a kind of RAC for the club coming out in periods of trouble, rallying fans together and working hard at saving the football club. Hopefully we will never see dark clouds descend over the Abbey again.  

CFU in recent times has become a little stagnant by comparison but that is all about to change as we look to rise once more with a change of structure leading us to become the true voice  of the fans. A good supporters’ trust should be run by the fans for the fans and be proactive at working, in a close relationship, with the club to achieve things for fans, that they may necessarily not have the time or resources to do. In addition, CFU would like to work closely with other fans organisations such as CUSP, Cambridge United Supporters Trust & 100 Years of Coconuts in getting things done for fans. 

The Supporters trust has recently recruited two new faces from their committee to lead things for the supporters Trust, in Andrew Stephen as Chair & Ben Phillips as Vice-Chair, both of whom are passionate fans of Cambridge United proactive at trying to achieve things for the greater good for the fans and the club.  We believe that working together we can steer CFU move in a better direction for the fan base. We have already started to build a working relationship with both Paul Barry & Ian Mather at the football club who, after recent meetings, are supportive of the new leadership of the fans’ trust. 

The heartbeat of a football club is its fan base and without fans a football club is nothing. In the current climate & modern day, its important more now than ever for a  club and the organizations attached to it to communicate efficiently with you the fans. Andy and Ben both know the importance of this and will make sure fans’ voices are heard when needed, regardless of age or background.  

Ben is keen to see the football club and CFU engage with younger fans more and to see young supporters become actively more involved in having a say about the football club they all love. He would like to work closely with the football club on various projects but, in particular, is keen to see something like the old Junior U’s scheme resurrected that ensures there are a new generation of fans always coming to support Cambridge United.  

Shortly Cambridge Fans United Supporters trust will be announcing an exciting new membership scheme, with exclusive incentives for new & existing members. In particular we would like to see more young fans aged between 16 years to 25 become annual members of Cambridge Fans United Supporters’ Trust, as with your support as CFU members we can work  together at continuing to improve things off the pitch at the Abbey and continue to make sure there  Cambridge United flourishes for years to come. 

During these difficult times, we are determined to support the Foodbank and other initiatives which make the lonely, the vulnerable and the isolated feel part of the Community. The club, which is at the heart of its community is in a unique position to improve morale and to make individuals feel that everybody matters. We hope also to attract more people to the CFU Lottery which has provided a lot of essential support and equipment for the club. In these straightened times we will do all we can to find new ways of providing new income streams while making sure that all fans’ interests are served.

To join or find out more about CFU you can visit them online at

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