New UTAS Hall of Fame Episode: Paul Wanless Exclusive Interview

Not many people can claim to be King of the Abbey. Shaggy is God, Delano the Saviour, but there can be only one King. For U’s fans that man is Paul Wanless.

Wanless typified everything that was great about United during the late 90’s/early 00’s. Fiercely dedicated, if you cut him he would (and did) bleed Black & Amber. He could score some big goals too. In short, everything you want in a captain.

In this new episode of the UTAS podcast, Thom Dobbin makes the case for Wanny’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame, and rather unsurprisingly host Jordan Worland and Owen Kiernan agree with him. There’s also a special interview with the great man himself, conducted by Thom.

You can listen on all the usual places, including Spotify, Apple and Audioboom

What do you think? Is Wanny a worthy entrant into the hallowed Hall of Fame? Of course he bloody is, what are you on about? If you want to suggest a player, let us know on Twitter @abbeystandpod

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