How Do Bonner’s Boys Compare to Roy McFarland’s 98/99 Team?

A question was recently posed on the U’s message board asking who would get into our current squad from Roy McFarland’s promotion winning-side of 98/99 – this got us thinking, and we’ve decided to answer the question below. We’ll stick with a 4-4-2 formation, as much as we’d love to see it again, the 4-3-3 preferred by Roy Mc doesn’t really seem hugely popular any more.

Goalkeeper: Arjan van Heusden vs Dimitar Mitov

Probably the toughest call to make of the whole squad, Ice played well but found himself dropped for Shaun Marshall after some dodgy performances. As a shot stopper he was tough to beat but struggled with his kicking (remind you of anyone?) Mitov on the other hand lacked a little confidence in commanding his area but until getting injured seems to have put that behind him, and has put in some good performances this season. We’ll pick the Bulgarian in our Fantasy XI. MITOV

Right Back: Ben Chenery vs Kyle Knoyle

No contest here if you ask us, Knoyle walks into the team as the most talented right back we’ve had since, well forever really. He’ll almost certainly go on to bigger things in the summer. KNOYLE

Centre Backs: Andy Duncan & Marc Joseph vs Greg Taylor & Jubril Okedina

Judas Joseph can never be forgiven for his defection to P*sh, whereas Andy Duncan was a stalwart of the U’s defence as we rose the leagues (and sunk quickly back again). Greg is a legend at the Abbey and gets the nod next to Duncan. DUNCAN & TAYLOR

Left Back: Jamie Campbell vs Harrison Dunk

No question again, Harrison has spent ten years at the Abbey, and it playing some of the best football of his career. Campbell was decent enough, but H wins this one. DUNK

Central Midfield: Paul Wanless & Ian Ashbee vs Hiram Boateng & Paul Digby

Like the defence, we’ll take one from each team here, Wanless providing the steel next to Boateng who has the vision and passing range. That’s a hell of a midfield. It feels bad to leave out Ian Ashbee, who went on to have a magnificent career for Hull City in the Premier League, and Paul Digby who has been a revelation for us in midfield this season. WANLESS & BOATENG

Attacking Midfield: Alex Russell vs Wes Hoolahan

Can we have them both? Wes, the international-class magician and Alex Russell, one of the most exciting players to wear the black and Amber. Seeing as we’re going 4-4-2 we’re having both. RUSSELL & HOOLAHAN

Strikers: Martin Butler & Trevor Benjamin vs Paul Mullin & Joe Ironside

That front three of Butler, Benjamin and Shaggy was incredible, but you can’t look past Paul Mullin’s 24 goals (and counting) this season. Butler and Mullin? Benjamin and Mullin? This one’s impossible to call, Buts was as natural a goalscorer as you’ll ever see, and Benjamin was devastatingly effective at terrorising defences. We’ll go Butler & Mullin, with Benjamin coming off the bench to put the game to bed. BUTLER & MULLIN

On the bench? Shaggy, obviously. Benjamin, Preece for his experience, Digby, Okedina (because Joseph is dead to us), Ashbee & van Heusden in goal.

We think that’s a pretty decent team, and one that would give anyone a run for it’s money. One thing’s for sure, it wouldn’t lost to bloody Brentford on the last day of the season again.

Agree? Disagree? What do you mean we’ve left out Hannant/Ironside/Richard Walker? Get at us on Twitter to discuss…

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