UTAS Joins #StopOnlineAbuse Social Media Boycott This Weekend

This weekend is shaping up to be one of the most important weekends in Cambridge United’s history. Victory tonight at Harrogate will see us play League One football next season for the first time since 2002. But we won’t be Tweeting about it. We won’t be sharing memes or posting on Instagram or Facebook. Abuse in football has reached a level over recent years that is simply unacceptable. It’s 2021 and we’re still seeing players being racially abused every week, on top of abuse aimed at footballers because of their gender, sexuality or religion. That can’t be allowed to continue.

Sadly, the online social media platforms are doing very little to prevent this. Retrospective bans of abusive accounts are a start, but in reality are too little, too late. We’re not sure what the answer is, but what we do know is that things can’t carry on how they are.

We know that there’s a possibility of Cambridge United being promoted this weekend, and we’ll miss joining in with the celebrations on Twitter and Facebook, but some things are bigger than football. We hope you understand.

The UTAS website will continue to be updated as normal, but we won’t be on the socials until Tuesday. Come On You U’s!

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