Cold Blows versus Cut Throats: Who’s Got The Best-Named Lane?

It’s one of the most storied roads in football – Cold Blow Lane, home to Millwall’s Old Den ground. A narrow alley with a tunnel under the train tracks, a trip to the Den was always made more intimidating with a trip down Cold Blow Lane. Since moving in 1993 fans no longer have to brave that alley, although Zampa Road can still offer a warm welcome to the unwary. But, we’ve got our own version here in Cambridge, Cut Throat Lane connecting the Main Stand turnstiles with Newmarket Road and Elfleda Road behind it. So, UTAS investigates, what is footballs best Lane?

History: Millwall moved to the Old Den in 1920, having previously played in Millwall on the Isle of Dogs. United played their first game in the Abbey Stadium in 1932, so we’re giving this one to the Londoners.

Name: A cold blow doesn’t sound particularly pleasant, but a cut throat sounds even worse. One all.

Atmosphere: Millwall wins this one hands down. Take a trip up Cold Blow Lane on Google Street View and tell me you fancy walking up there on the way to an evening match. Cut Throat Lane is a walk in the park in comparison. Two one Millwall.

House Prices: We thought this might be closer, but the cheapest house we could find in SE14 costs a frankly crazy £650,000, whereas a gaff in CB5 would set you back ‘only’ £350,000. Cheaper is better though, so a point to Cambridge on this one. Two all

Football Grounds: Cold Blow Lane currently houses no football grounds, since Millwall moved to the New Den almost 30 years ago. Cut Throat Lane plays host to the Abbey Stadium, a proper cathedral of football. Three two Cambridge.

Other Facilities: There’s nothing much on Cold Blow Lane, just houses, and not too much in the local area unless you count a train depot. Cut Throat Lane is just around the corner from Newmarket Road, hosting amongst other things, a DFS, massive Tesco, Honda garage, McDonalds and a B&Q. Pretty much everything you need. Four two Cambridge.

Verdict: It was close, but in the battle for the Lanes there can only be one winner. Cold Blow Lane might have the history and the fear factor, but there’s no real need to ever visit it, unless you have a weird fascination with railway bridges or live there. Cut Throat Lane on the other hand is a welcoming thoroughfare delivering fans to the greatest seated stand in all of Football: The D&A Main Stand.

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