The UTAS Awayday Guide to Backpacks

You’ve got your ticket for the coach, the boys have gone in on a four pack of lager, the Go-Pro is fully charged. MK Dons away, it’s gonna be a mazza. But – how do you carry your packed lunch to the match? Let alone all your vlogging gear! A normal bag won’t do the trick, cause you need your hands free to video every single moment of the day. If only there was some kind of bag you could wear on shoulders… wouldn’t that be great?

Well, fear not, because the friendly faces at UTAS have put together the ultimate football backpack guide.

Umbro – £10, Sports Direct, Lion Yard

Pros: Padded, spacious, room for your Go-Pro and assorted paraphenalia

Cons: None we can see.

Fjallraven Kanken – £50, Sevenwolves, Bridge Street

Pros: Comes in Yellow, quite light. Neat pockets on the side for a water bottle

Cons: Fairly flimsy, no separate pocket for a laptop.

North Face Jester – £79.99, North Face, Grand Arcade

Pros: Nicely padded, loads of pockets. Good quality.

Cons: Eighty quid? That’s a months allowance.

Stone Island – £370.00, Giulio, King Street

Pros: It’s a fucking Stoney ain’t it? Nuff said.

Cons: This is getting robbed off you the moment you step off the Away Travel Coach

CUFC Black Drawstring Bag – £8, Club Shop, Newmarket Road/Grand Arcade

Pros: Got the club logo on it, your mum will probably get you it for Christmas

Cons: A bit shit really. Your dad got you one for your birthday already.

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