New Home Kit Launched!

It’s one of the most exciting days of post-season, after the fixture list announcement but ahead of the retained list confirmation. That’s right, new shirt launch day!

It was announced earlier in the year that we’d be staying with Hummel for another three years, and on this evidence we’re glad the partnership has been extended. Last years shirt split opinions despite breaking sales records, but this years effort shouldn’t be so controversial.

Replicating the pattern of the famous 1991-93 Influence shirt, but bought up to date with the addition of a modern round collar, the new home shirt looks stunning in an all amber design. It’s going to paired with black shorts and socks, although we hope there’ll be some amber shorts for use in away games too, because we all know amber shorts = victory.

Those Influence shirts were reissued by the club a couple of years ago, and sold out instantly, and you’ll need to spend well in excess of a hundred quid if you want to pick up an original from eBay. There’s no denying it’s a cult classic, and probably most fans favourite shirt, bringing memories of players such as Dion Dublin, Steve Claridge and Michael Cheetham as well as that incredible season which saw us reach the cusp of the Premier League before falling to defeat against Leicester City in the play-offs.

The UTAS verdict? If you couldn’t guess, this is another top effort. We’re loving this current trend for retro-influenced shirts and Hummel are probably the most interesting and creative kit manufacturer out there at the moment so it’s great that we’re able to work with them on the kind of bespoke shirt often denied to clubs at our level. When you see some of the boring generic template efforts the ‘big’ clubs are lumbered with it makes you realise how lucky we are to get the shirts we have, so all credit to Gaz Daniels and those at United and Hummel that’ve made it happen.

You can order your new home shirt from the Club Shop online or pop in whenever they’re open (probably best to give them a call first if you’re making the journey specially)

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