U’s 2-0 Notts Co, U’s 2-3 Notts Co Friendly Report

Two very different United teams took on Notts County in back-to-back Friendlies at St Neots on a gorgeous sunny Saturday. It’s always enjoyable watching the U’s at the Premier Plus Stadium, it’s a nice little place, easy enough to get to, and the bar is cheap. Here’s our report

Game 1: United 2-0 Notts County

Mitov 8/10Didn’t have much to do

Williams 8/10Did alright in the heat

Jobe 7/10Didn’t look out of place, looks like quite a prospect

Jones 8/10Solid as ever

Greene King Ice Breaker Pale Ale (Pint) 9/10Lightly hopped with citrus aromas. Perfect in the sun

Dunk 8/10Impressed at left back

Digby 9/10Controlled the game from midfield

Simper 8/10Looked like a first teamer already

Brophy 8/10Linked up well with Smith

Carlsberg (Pint) 3/10Weak, gassy, cheap. Did a job

Tracey 7/10Getting back into top gear, more to come from him

Lankester 8/10Stepped up into the Wes Role nicely, looking forward to seeing more

Smith 9/10Still hasn’t learned the offside rule, still knows where the goal is. Two goals have put another million on his price tag according to the messageboard

Game Two: United 2-3 Notts County

Mannion 6/10Looked okay, could have done better with the goals

Tarpey 7/10Played well, nice assist

Okedina 8/10Composed as ever

Corona (Bottle) 9/10Slice of lemon, nice and light. Perfection in a glass bottle

Taylor 8/10Great to see him back

Haunstrup 7/10Not 4 foot tall

San Miguel (Pint) 8/10The best of the draught lagers on offer. Could have been in Spain for a minute there

O’Neil 7/10Decent

May 7/10Pretty good

Janneh 7/10Looks like an exciting player

Stella (Pint) 6/10Probably should have called it a day on this one really

Worman 7/10Played well

Old Speckled Hen (Pint) 5/10Not the one in this weather

Knibbs 9/10This is the year of the Knibbler

Ironside 8/10Does what Big Joe does.

Strongbow Dark Fruits (Can) 8/10A Fruity finish for the walk back

Men of the Match: Bit unfair to judge on a friendly played in thirty degree heat – lets go with Smith & Knibbs for their goals though.

Soundtrack of the Match: Underworld – Born Slippy

One thought on “U’s 2-0 Notts Co, U’s 2-3 Notts Co Friendly Report

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  1. Great report.

    However, remarkably high marks for that fourth quarter defending or lack of it!

    Can’t see Taylor getting a game at CB next season. Zeno and Jobe look like decent prospects and Jobe has ability.

    We look at good attacking threat but based on the defending in the last two friendlies we need to tighten up at the back.


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