Club to Open Fanzone In NRE

Fans who stand in the Newmarket Road End will finally be able to enjoy a pre-match pint after the club, in conjunction with Cambridge Fans United announced plans to open a Fanzone behind the NRE. CFU and the board have been working on this behind the scenes for some time now, and after approval from the Police Safety Advisory Group, and due to the fact that the club now own the Abbey Stadium site plans are finally coming to fruition.

The Fanzone will be situated at the back of the Car Rental site (for older fans, the site of the old Corona Works that gave the NRE the nickname the Corona End) and will be selling alcohol as well as allowing fans a space to congregate pre-match and at half time.

Funding the project has come from Cambridge Fans United and the club’s commercial department. CFU Vice-Chairman Ben Phillips said “We have heard feedback from fans that wanted better provisions and are pleased that the football club are willing to continue to improve the Matchday experience for fans. We are excited to sponsor the new fanzone in the Newmarket Road End which will enhance the Matchday experience of fans in this stand going forward.”

The Fanzone will open sometime in the new year, and we’ll be discussing this on the podcast in the near future.

You can find out more about CFU by visiting their website here, or by stopping by their cabin next to the club shop on matchdays. Membership costs as little as £5/year and helps fund projects like this.

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