Plymouth 3-1 U’s: Three Cup Finals

Defeat in Devon leaves United with three games to save their League One status. Can they do it? Who’ll be the hero? @vinylperez looks back at the Good, Bad and Ugly of our run in…

The Good: Sam Smith. Hitting scoring form at just the right time of the season. MK Dons lost, Oxford lost. It’s not totally out of our hands. George Thomas is coming back. Liam O’Neil’s back on the bench… if there’s anyone you can rely on to score a BIG goal it’s him, isn’t it? The way we’re playing. God knows what Mark’s been saying to them, but it’s working and he deserves massive, massive credit for that. We looked like a team that couldn’t buy a win a month or so ago, but he’s turned that around and instilled some belief into these lads.

The Bad: We could have done with a point here. Morecambe won, so we actually dropped a place in the table. Port Vale won, they’re safe now. The goal difference took another hit.

The Ugly: It’s going right down to the wire. Lose on Saturday and it’s all but over, especially if Oxford & MK Dons win on Saturday. If Oxford win tomorrow then they’re probably going to have enough about them to stay up. We’ve got to better them over the next three games, and ideally better MK too. One out of us three is going down, so we need to do everything we can to make sure it’s not us – the way we’ve been playing I think we might just do it, but it’s going to be tight.

There’s three games left to save our skin – 250 of us went to Plymouth on Saturday, and over 400 have got tickets for Saturday’s trip to Accrington so far. I’m sure a decent number will go up to Burton next Wednesday, and the Abbey will be a cauldron for the last game of the season against FGR. Remember Burton in 2008? Stevenage in 2009? B*ro this year? Let’s make it like that again, where the United faithful can act as the twelfth man. Keep the faith.

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