Get The Badge In

In Paul Barry’s recent end-of-season message to fans he mentioned the possibility of a consultation about changing the club badge. Since we started wearing the current badge in 1986 it’s long divided fans, some loving it’s simplicity and unique style, others claiming it looks like a toilet seat or piece of clip art.

Personally, I love the badge. It’s one of the things that makes United unique. A football, some turrets from a long-demolished castle, our initials and the club name in a banner underneath. Simple, effective. For my entire tenure supporting the U’s we’ve used it, barring a short period between 1996-98 and our Centenary season in 2012. Lately, we’ve sported a monochrome version on our away kits which looks really good.

But I don’t speak for every fan, and there’s just as many of us that are as vocal about returning to an older design, be that the popular book and ball used in the 70’s (adapted of course, by your favourite U’s-related podcast and website), or a design that takes into account the City crest which involves (understandably) a bridge, and (less understandably considering our proximity to the coast) a couple of seahorses.

On the United messageboard a lively discussion has started with people suggesting all manner of elements that could be included on a new badge including a Moose, a Coconut and the Rules of Football statue on Parkers Piece. There’s also been a few (pretty dreadful) designs mocked up via Photoshop and AI tools.

With a number of clubs changing and modernising their badges lately, it was always a risk that ours would begin to look outdated, it galls somewhat that this proposed change seems to be at the behest of potential sponsors, but I guess that’s the state of the game these days. If a more contemporary badge is what it takes for someone to put some big bucks into the club then that’s something we’ll all have to live with. We trust the club to handle any potential consultation properly and take into account our history and identity, just as long as we don’t end up with some kind of Juventus-style monstrosity.

Like the current badge? Prefer the older ones? Want something else entirely? Let us know! Get in touch at @AbbeyStandPod on Twitter or drop us an email at

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