Under the Abbey Stand is a Cambridge United podcast released every Monday discussing all the ins and outs and ups and downs of life at the Abbey Stadium, as well as casting a wider eye over League 1 in general.

It’s available on all good podcasting platforms including Spotify, Audioboom and iTunes

We’ve also produced five issues of a printed fanzine, all of which sold out. There’s no immediate plans to produce another issue just yet.

We welcome contributions from U’s fans the world over, both for the next issue of the fanzine or the website. Get in touch below with any articles or questions for the next podcast. Or just any general comments or memories.


Julian Roberts (yeah, like the actress)

  • First Game: Histon (H), Boxing Day 2007. United won 1-0
  • Favourite Game: Without going for the more obvious contenders… Ipswich 0-1 United, 2021
  • Favourite Player: Sir Thomas Champion
  • Location in Ground: A beer-less NRE
  • Matchday Tipple: Wes’ Special: Guinness

Tom Walker

  • First Game:
  • Favourite Game:
  • Favourite Player:
  • Location in Ground:
  • Matchday Tipple:

Jack Swindlehurst (Swindle)

  • First Game: 2-1 win vs Lincoln, August 2012
  • Favourite Game: 1-0 vs Plymouth, first game back in the league
  • Favourite Player: Ryan Donaldson (what, not Lorent Tolaj?!)
  • Location in Ground: NRE, by the toilets and the smoking alley
  • Matchday Tipple: Whatever Tom Walker’s buying…

Jordan Worland

  • First Game: Can’t remember, but I got smacked in the face by a wayward Steve Butler shot
  • Favourite Game: Brentford 1, Cambridge 2 AET (Feb 2003)
  • Favourite Player: Jon Sheffield
  • Location in Ground: South Habbin, actually
  • Matchday Tipple: Three Blind Mice – Juice Rocket (Ely U’s)

Matt Caspell

  • First Game: Walsall at Home, Jan 2001
  • Favourite Game: Play-Off Final vs Gateshead 2014
  • Favourite Player: Paul Wanless
  • Location in Ground: NRE
  • Matchday Tipple: Pale Ale

Owen Kiernan (Website)

  • First Game: 3-1 win vs Colchester, August 1995
  • Favourite Game: Ipswich away 21-22 season.
  • Favourite Player: John Taylor & Lionel Perez
  • Location in Ground: Main Stand
  • Matchday Tipple: I usually drive, but a pint or two of DNA in the Wrestlers if I’m not.

Marc Manning (Website)

  • First Game: 4-2 win over Dagenham & Redbridge, 2007
  • Favourite Game: 1-0 win at Ipswich, 2022
  • Favourite Player: Joe Ironside
  • Location in Ground: NRE
  • Matchday Tipple: NRE Refill Station Water (Abbey Spring?)

Tom Ripley (Website)

  • First Game: 3-0 loss to Newcastle, April 1993
  • Favourite Game: 1-0 win over Newcastle, January 2022
  • Favourite Player: Harrison Dunk
  • Location in Ground: NRE
  • Matchday Tipple: Mum’s mostly Sugar Coffee

Noah Brown (Centre Forward, Website)

  • First Game: 2-1 win over QPR, 2001
  • Favourite Game: Newcastle away 2022
  • Favourite Player: Harrison Dunk
  • Location in Ground: Family Stand
  • Matchday Tipple: A brew

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