I Owe It All To U’s

By Russell Greaves Football fans frequently believe the club they support owes them something – a refund for a season ticket they wish they’d never purchased, an apology for a particularly limp display, or just some gratitude for their loyalty. I can empathise. I have felt the pain of looking at a season ticket and... Continue Reading →


It's miserable, isn't it? Supporting the U's. Could be off chasing Champions League spots or promotion or just winning bloody football matches at any level really. But it's fine, because contrary to every single other bit of output we ever release, UTAS are here to cheer you up! Issue #2 of our sell-out fanzine is... Continue Reading →

United in Endeavour

By Matt Caspell It’s 6.45am and the sun is peeking through the curtains. I’ve been up all night dragging, dropping and sighing out loud at the infuriating Microsoft Word. But it’s done. It’s finished. The very first instalment of the United in Endeavour fanzine is ready and fired off to the printers, with a handsome... Continue Reading →

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