Crawley (A) Match Preview

We said at the start of the month that October was going to be tough, and it looks like injuries are starting to catch up with Bonners squad. After Tuesday's impressive win at Walsall the U's see themselves back on the bus and heading for the equally paradisal climes of Crawley, currently unbeaten at home... Continue Reading →

The A-Z of Cambridge United: K-O

K: Kitson, Dave Ginger haired goalscorer during the early 00's, Kitson burst on to the scene fresh from stacking shelves at Sainsbury's. Sold to Reading for a frankly astonishing £150,000 plus a decent sell-on clause, the U's board decided to waive their right to 20% of Dave's next transfer fee for £20,000 the night before... Continue Reading →

Walsall 0-2 U’s: Twelve Yard Yellows

Toot toot! Hear that? It's the promotion train, and it's heading for Barnwell Junction. Walsall unbeaten in sixteen games, United not having won there since the 70's. If anything was gonna derail that train it was Walsall right? Bonner made a number of changes to the side as a result of injuries, with The Digger... Continue Reading →

Collectors Corner: Josh Iggulden

Continuing our series on collectors of United shirts, next up Josh Iggulden. I still have the first autograph I ever collected; Alex Russell on the back of my programme as a seven year old at the front of the NRE. From there on I would grab the odd autograph where I could, and only really... Continue Reading →

Walsall (A) Match Preview

The phrase “we’ll take a point” was probably never uttered quite so much amongst United fans as it was on Saturday afternoon. After that 1-1 draw against Bolton, the U’s on the whole were probably delighted to come away with a share of the spoils after a tough afternoon where one of the pre-season promotion... Continue Reading →

The A-Z of Cambridge United: F-J

F: Floodlights Look at ours, aren't they magnificent? Reputedly the highest freestanding floodlights in the country, they deserve listed building status. Don't fancy having to change the bulbs though. G: Gary Harwood UTAS Lawyers have restricted what we can say here. Chairman at the time we sold the ground to fellow board member John H*ward... Continue Reading →

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