Under The Other Stands #6

Let's start the latest Under The Other Stands with a good singalong. All together now: WEDNESDAY EVENING FEELING FINE END OF THE SEASON ON MY MIND! TRANSFER WINDOW'S GOT ME FEELING THE WAY IT SHOULD, OH YEAH... SOMETHING TELLS ME WE'RE IN FOR NO ONE GOOD International breaks might mean no Premiership or Championship action... Continue Reading →


It's Saturday morning, you're wandering around having a cup of tea or something, probably hungover, and you've just seen some more top quality UTAS content drop into your Twitter feed. Here's another headache to add to your current headache, LJ's quiz. This one is a connections round. The answers to the first five questions are... Continue Reading →


It's miserable, isn't it? Supporting the U's. Could be off chasing Champions League spots or promotion or just winning bloody football matches at any level really. But it's fine, because contrary to every single other bit of output we ever release, UTAS are here to cheer you up! Issue #2 of our sell-out fanzine is... Continue Reading →

United in Endeavour

By Matt Caspell It’s 6.45am and the sun is peeking through the curtains. I’ve been up all night dragging, dropping and sighing out loud at the infuriating Microsoft Word. But it’s done. It’s finished. The very first instalment of the United in Endeavour fanzine is ready and fired off to the printers, with a handsome... Continue Reading →

Cambridge United: 25 Years of Banter

So, for better or for worse, the season's started. And as we crawl towards the end of August, desperately trying to construct the semblance of a functioning football team, I guess we should already start looking ahead to Christmas. I'm not talking about mulled wine by a roaring fire, seeing your incontinent and casually racist... Continue Reading →

5 highly recommended football podcasts

Obviously most of your time should be spent listening and re-listening to UTAS, not letting a waking moment go by without Tom Walker and Julian Roberts slurring in your ears. But for those moments of disillusionment, here are some top recommendations for football podcasts that are maybe almost as good as UTAS.   The Guardian’s... Continue Reading →

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