U’s 1-2 Charlton: Bingo!

by @vinylperez Hello everybody and welcome to the Abbey Stadium for a game of relegation Bingo! Eyes down for a full house. Number 19. Season-long injury to your most creative midfielder Number 6: Own goal in the first derby game in 20+ years. Number 10: Your best striker wanting a move to another club and... Continue Reading →

MK Dons 1-0 United: Don & Dusted

by @vinylperez That's probably it then isn't it? League One it's been fun whilst it lasted. Whilst we're not mathematically down yet, Saturday's defeat and the nature of it pretty much confirmed it in all but the most optimistic of U's fans. I'm not going to dig Bonner out over it - I've made my... Continue Reading →

Barnsley 2-0 U’s: Tyke That

Sky Sports. Fans Behaviour Charters, VAR, Manchester City. There's a lot to dislike about modern football, but one of the worst things about the game nowadays is the rise of the 'Bad Football Take'. Let us explain: Over the last few years as social media has become more and more ingrained with the game we're... Continue Reading →

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