Not again: Cambridge United 0-2 Exeter City

So... is this what we are now? Is this what we're going to do for 46 games? Concede two really bad goals through individual errors and then spend 60 minutes panting and gasping to try and pull it back? Because, if it is, I truly can't be bothered. I also can't be bothered to continually... Continue Reading →

And I saw him standing there…: Northampton Town 2-2 Cambridge United

At 4:28PM, time stood still. For a sharp, silent, split second, everything stopped. All the constantly moving parts froze, the runs were halted, the lunges ceased. On the 70th minute mark, 21 men on that pitch stopped moving. Except one. As David Amoo digs a cross from nowhere, managing to swing a deep, arcing ball... Continue Reading →

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