Under The Other Stands #6

Let's start the latest Under The Other Stands with a good singalong. All together now: WEDNESDAY EVENING FEELING FINE END OF THE SEASON ON MY MIND! TRANSFER WINDOW'S GOT ME FEELING THE WAY IT SHOULD, OH YEAH... SOMETHING TELLS ME WE'RE IN FOR NO ONE GOOD International breaks might mean no Premiership or Championship action... Continue Reading →

Under The Other Stands #5

Isn't it nice? Having a weekend without the burden of worrying about a U's scoreline? Not worrying about how many goals we've decided to ship this weekend somewhere in the country? Our inevitable pasting at Bury was postponed due to the rain, the north, and the combination of the two meaning the pitch resembled something... Continue Reading →

Under The Other Stands #4

We're a bit late with our weekly football round-up. After a delay for Tuesday night's inconsequential and offensively dull affair at the Abbey, here's a summary of everything you need to know in the goings on of lower league football. After all, double game week in the EFL means two things: Double Under The Other... Continue Reading →

Under The Other Stands #3

Contrary to last week, I've decided the U's are in fact the best team on planet earth and we will probably still make our way into a playoff hunt. Hope everyone's okay with that. Here's what's been happening to all the other poor, winless bastards around the league. Knowing me, knowing Johnno Week 29 of... Continue Reading →

Under The Other Stands #1

Welcome to Issue #1 of Under The Other Stands, UTAS’ weekly round-up of happenings in League 2 and around the world, with a special focus on any ex-U’s banging in the goals. Forget about your normal news source, this is all you need. Are County going to do it? Will the big bucks and January... Continue Reading →

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